Monday, 16 July 2012

What Happens on our days off

Free from work

We work only 5 days a week, and the 2? we get out and have fun!
one of our favorite past times during the winter period is snow tubing! Snow tubing is basically riding a doughnut-like inflatable  and sliding down a hill. Its so much fun!

A photo of me taken by my brotha from another mother, Earvin. The building behind me is our dorm.

Photoshoot after tubing! haha

Oh I miss the fresh cold air.

Another past time of ours is roller skating in our recreational building, the KIVA. 


thats the tubing hill :) 

We tied up our tubes so we can slide down together, its even more exciting than sliding alone haha!

Just can't get enough of all these snow!

Cooking some Filipino food for our fave american friend :)

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