Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Asian Food festival!

APRIL 2nd 

There are about 20 of us Asians from Thailand, Philippines and China who are working as international staff at the Y and one of our goals is to share our culture, especially the food. One of our American friends have decided to have an Asian food fest where we cook our traditional dishes. They all enjoyed it and loved it! I, being a sushi/maki lover, made my very own maki rolls, salmon and crab, where I only used a plastic folder to wrap it, haha! Plexy and Earvin Cooked the Philippines very own, Adobo which everyone loved. Piaw and Chadchapon "Guy"  from thailand cooked their Chicken soup and Thai Spicy Noodles. Will, the brains of this event was in charge of dessert, he got us Apple Pie and Ice cream! this sure is one YUMMY NIGHT, one of the nights i will truly miss. :)

I always tell her that she reminds me of Gisele Bundchen :))

Thursday, 26 July 2012

My "crib" in Granby

Wanna know what my, in that case, OUR room looks like in Colorado?
Before we even flew across the world for our US practicum, we already requested to be room mates together, unfortunately, wish not granted, so my bro-from-another-momma waited about 2 weeks till we move to a new room, since only boys and boys, and girls and girls can stay together and Sherly and Plexy are already room mates. But they moved us to a fresh new room. room 3084 of Blueridge lodge. We had no one else in the room with us for 1 month, and on our last month, since that the number of employees are growing in the summer, we had to pick 2 room mates, so, we got our Thai brothers, Mint and Arm :) I just miss my life in the USA, and I miss my friends there, and my room. 
VIEW FROM OUR WINDOW  (c) sony w570 digicam (March 22, 2012)






Sunday, 22 July 2012

Flashback, Cake Decorating

2 days before we leave for the United States...
March 2, 2012-FRIDAY

So, our professor required us to join the cake decorating contest sponsored by Goldilocks bakeshop in order to fulfill our final exam. So, we did. Me, P and E joined this contest. Plexy and Earvin as partners, and Me and Ivan G. So the main concept of this contest is to incorporate artistic skills in decorating a cake... So, I decided to create a white and red cake with the theme: LOVE. I put my drawing skills into it and made a couple in a beach with the sunset as the main attraction of the cake and put some garden-ish style in the sides, unfortunately we didnt win anything nor be in the top 7, well, we didn't give a shit that day. coz we were about to leave for the USA and our minds were somehow floating somewhere in the blue. 
I do remember how we were in "panic mode" during these days about packing, getting papers ready and all that. But we get to bring home the cake, so we ate it and gave some to our friends!

At the end of the day, we went to our dean to say goodbye. all our stress just evaporated out of our body, and we just cried because our dean was so happy about us being the 1st batch to leave for the United Stated to have our on-the-job training. 

This is one of THE most unforgettable days of my 2012.


Whoever's cake is this. :)) 

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Campfires, always better in SMR!

Lets sing our C-A-M-P F-I-R-E song in the Snow Mountain!
Late March of 2012

So one of the activities provided by our company, Snow Mountain Ranch is the Campfire night, we all gather at the campfire area near Bays 0. Evan, being the R.A. that time provided us with some marshmallows, chocolate bars and biscuits, and these make= SMORES! That night, we Filipinos decided to cook our favorite PH dishes and we enjoyed some S mores too while chilling with the heat of burning wood in the snowy mountains

Sherly and the strawberry shaped like her face, hahaha!
A photo of Us with Evan, good man, good man

Danielle, I, Plexy, Earvin, Val and Chase

You gotta love this shit

Strawberries and Vanilla ice cream=heaven

Thursday, 19 July 2012

How to distress yourself

19th of JULY, 2012

             This semester, I only have Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00pm-9:00pm, but since I am the newly elected Student council President for the college of International Hospitality Management, I do go to school to do some paper works and tasks. So today, July 19, I went to school to fix some important council papers, where I had to run back and forth to our building (IHM building) and the old grade school building and to the photocopiers and have to deal with questions, and many many other pending tasks,  so today was just really tiring. 

What I usually do to alleviate the pressure of my day, I pass by SM Southmall, which is also the way going home,  just to buy a DQ milkshake, vanilla milkshake to be exact, I bring it home and drink it while eating the chocolates I brought home from my USA expedition and just lay down in my bed and listen to my favorite music (specifically Adele, The Naked and Famous, & John Meyer) as well as taking deep breaths    :)) 

Ya'll should do the same:


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Walking on 5 meter thick snow

March 2012

Have you ever tried walking on top of snow thats 5 meters thick? hell yeah I did! Its torture, yet one of my best experiences ever. So, our day off, we decided to try another adventure in our very own Snow Mountain Ranch, the Snow Shoeing experience. So, we rented snow shoes and started to hike on top of these freezing stuff. Apparently, while walking, were wondering why do we sink into these snow? I remember I took a step then BOOM, all of the sudden half of my body was buried. we all sank in snow and literally almost died because we all got stuck, but managed to get back. When we got back to where we rented the snow shoes, the man incharge said that the shoes they gave us weren't fit for stepping on thick snow rather for walking on trails only haha . But still, it was an awesome experience, I would kill to do it again! :)) 

I wrote this on the snow when I felt hopeless. :))

I just <3 and miss these people :(

EVAN SAWYERS. The mastermind of this expedition HAHA!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Teen no more

Plexy celebrates her 20th in the USA
MARCH 18, 2012

What could be more fun than celebrating your 20th, your "not a teen anymore" birthday in the USA? Before we got here, Plexy D once told me that she would feel sad celebrating her birthday in the USA, far from her parents and sister, I told her that it would be ok, coz were here, your friends.  
So today, March 18th, we went on a staff trip to the supermarket with our dear friend Evan Sawyers along with the Bday girl herself, and Earvin, Sherly and I. Me, Evan and Earvin were hiding from Plexy and Sherly (trying to keep Plexy away from us) so that we can buy her a cake, and a birthday balloon, we successfully did. I also got her favorite chocolate-Hersheys cookies and cream, and Earvin gave her a rare purple flower. when we got back to the car, we dont know where to hide it, so we made plexy sit infront and we taunt her from looking back. haha! when we got back, we started cooking our dinner then when everything was all set, Evan went in, holding Plexy's cake and balloon, yes,  Plexy did cry while Evan walk to her singing, and all of us singing as well. :) A Happy 20th indeed!

A photo of us after opening our bank account

The real Earvin Laureano, guys, look

So this is US, cooking for Plexy, I made chicken Teriyaki!

great dinner:
Carbonara and Pizza by Helen
Chicken Teriyaki by Me
Beef Broccoli by Earvin

With the Rest of the Filipinos