Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Streets of Washington DC

Walking the Streets of Washington DC

Second Day at Washington DC! Mom took us out to see the amazing landmarks of the city such as the White House, Capitol, Lincoln Memorial and more! Then we visited the National Harbor and ate at this awesome seafood buffet! This is such an incredible day even though I was sleepy and exhausted. :))  

Mother Prepared breakfast :)

 WORLD WAR II Memorial

Me and the White House

I hella dont know what this giant thing is called but it looks great :))

With my siblings from another father. Plexy and Earvin

The Capitol


Some stuff I got from the seafood buffet. :) sweet

Saturday, 22 September 2012

day one- Washington DC, USA

My First day As A TRAVELER.

June 14 was my last day of work at Snow Mountain Ranch- YMCA of the Rockies, Colorado and after our contract, we are given a month free to travel, so I took the chance to visit my mom who is currently residing at Maryland, USA beside Washington DC. So, June 15 2012, I along with my two best friends, Plexy Earvin boarded Flight 720 to Washington DC we waited for about 3 hours to board then total air travel was 4 hours, DEYM. haha! When we got there, My mom picked us up and brought us home around 12 midnight already. As a "welcome to the Real AMERICA" present, she cooked our famous Filipino dish, SINIGANG!! the next morning, she brought us to what me and my mom call "paradise" the Factory Outlets, where all the super sale branded stuff are. We went shopping yea. a LOT of SHOPPING. and whats for dinner? LOBSTER! She took us to the famous Lobster restaurant in Maryland.
Oh deym memories. How I wish I can time travel and do this all over again :( 

Waiting to board the plane to Washington DC

In our apartment door, feelin' it

My Aweeesome motherrr

With Plexy and Earvin and my mommma

Bought this awesome Oakley Holbrook

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Jamelah Tuscano of HRM

Jamelah Tuscano, our very own 4th year HRM student is one
of the 24k girls of the ABS CBN show "Deal or no Deal"
She is known as "SHANNEN"

Jamelah, or shall I say SHANNEN, have been a student of HRM since 2009. We have known her for being the simple, quiet, and peaceful girl. But this year, she came out of her shell and proved to everyone that she's got this "Beauty and Brains" material. She have been a consistent "good student", receiving good grades being present in every activity of the college. She is now a 4th year student and yes, its true, she is a 24k model of the "Kapamilya/ ABS CBN show, DEAL OR NO DEAL" so, fellow IHM Students! let us all give our support and watch her every Saturday 6pm. 

Student Council 2012-2013

(Hotel and Restaurant Management Course and Tourism Course)

This years student council is aiming for an excellent and fruitful school year. We are YOUR VOICE, YOUR BIG BROTHERS AND BIG SISTERS, WE WILL LISTEN TO YOU, ACT UPON YOUR NEEDS AND CONCERNS, and BRING TO YOU THE BEST ACTIVITIES.

Since the election last July 9, 2012. We have already been moving and working for the betterment of our college, we have been to 5 different Community Outreach Programs, we have helped different people in depressed communities and we also paid a visit to the Bilibid Prison. We have passed 3 different tours- Punta Fuego Tour, Pampanga Culinary Tour, Ilocos Convention tour, and  more simple progresses. We are continuing our goal of bringing our college to the highest peak of success and prosperity. Continue praying for us and wishing us good luck. 


Ms. Lourdes A Mendoza: Adviser, Tourism Department Chairman.

Roncel Areine B. Camins (4th year HRM) - PRESIDENT

Ma. Camille E. Famisaran (4th year Tourism) - VICE PRESIDENT

Jhaira Nina D. Gumabon (4th year Tourism) - SECRETARY

Angelica Marie B. Ilada (3rd year HRM) - TREASURER

Ma. Luzviminda T. Co ( 2nd year HRM) - AUDITOR

Ciarra Faith G. Pangilinan (4th year Tourism) - PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER

Adrian Louise M. Mong (3rd year Tourism) - BUSINESS MANAGER

Sunday, 19 August 2012

A warm welcome

University of Perpetual Help-MOLINO, CAVITE campus 
August 16, 2012

As a student leader and an ex-participant of the United States Practicum, it is my duty to go on public appearances and promote the summer work and travel program hosted by HR international. So, my first stop is my school's sister school, the UPHR-Molino Campus.

Since it was quite far from home, I took a 350php cab on the way there just to not get lost somewhere haha! So, when I got there, I waited in the deans office for the students to get settled. All i know is that im going to speak to only about 50 people, or only the HRM and tourism students, but when we were called to the venue, which is their gymnasium, I think the whole school was there? there were about 200+++ people from different courses.

My nervousness and stage fright just came over me but my adviser told me to suck it in and be natural so, I did, I went up that stage and presented my speech and showed the video I made about my whole USA work life and I believe I convinced them well. As i stepped down the stage, I felt more confident and empowered especially when my adviser, dean and fellow speaker said there was no sign of nervousness from me.. 

After the speech, the college of Tourism took us on a tour to their mini travel mart, they welcomed us with open arms and gave us souvenirs.! This is sure a day that ill remember, Thank you Perps Molino, and to everyone I was with this day! :)