Monday, 16 July 2012

Teen no more

Plexy celebrates her 20th in the USA
MARCH 18, 2012

What could be more fun than celebrating your 20th, your "not a teen anymore" birthday in the USA? Before we got here, Plexy D once told me that she would feel sad celebrating her birthday in the USA, far from her parents and sister, I told her that it would be ok, coz were here, your friends.  
So today, March 18th, we went on a staff trip to the supermarket with our dear friend Evan Sawyers along with the Bday girl herself, and Earvin, Sherly and I. Me, Evan and Earvin were hiding from Plexy and Sherly (trying to keep Plexy away from us) so that we can buy her a cake, and a birthday balloon, we successfully did. I also got her favorite chocolate-Hersheys cookies and cream, and Earvin gave her a rare purple flower. when we got back to the car, we dont know where to hide it, so we made plexy sit infront and we taunt her from looking back. haha! when we got back, we started cooking our dinner then when everything was all set, Evan went in, holding Plexy's cake and balloon, yes,  Plexy did cry while Evan walk to her singing, and all of us singing as well. :) A Happy 20th indeed!

A photo of us after opening our bank account

The real Earvin Laureano, guys, look

So this is US, cooking for Plexy, I made chicken Teriyaki!

great dinner:
Carbonara and Pizza by Helen
Chicken Teriyaki by Me
Beef Broccoli by Earvin

With the Rest of the Filipinos


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