Saturday, 21 July 2012

Campfires, always better in SMR!

Lets sing our C-A-M-P F-I-R-E song in the Snow Mountain!
Late March of 2012

So one of the activities provided by our company, Snow Mountain Ranch is the Campfire night, we all gather at the campfire area near Bays 0. Evan, being the R.A. that time provided us with some marshmallows, chocolate bars and biscuits, and these make= SMORES! That night, we Filipinos decided to cook our favorite PH dishes and we enjoyed some S mores too while chilling with the heat of burning wood in the snowy mountains

Sherly and the strawberry shaped like her face, hahaha!
A photo of Us with Evan, good man, good man

Danielle, I, Plexy, Earvin, Val and Chase

You gotta love this shit

Strawberries and Vanilla ice cream=heaven

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