Sunday, 22 July 2012

Flashback, Cake Decorating

2 days before we leave for the United States...
March 2, 2012-FRIDAY

So, our professor required us to join the cake decorating contest sponsored by Goldilocks bakeshop in order to fulfill our final exam. So, we did. Me, P and E joined this contest. Plexy and Earvin as partners, and Me and Ivan G. So the main concept of this contest is to incorporate artistic skills in decorating a cake... So, I decided to create a white and red cake with the theme: LOVE. I put my drawing skills into it and made a couple in a beach with the sunset as the main attraction of the cake and put some garden-ish style in the sides, unfortunately we didnt win anything nor be in the top 7, well, we didn't give a shit that day. coz we were about to leave for the USA and our minds were somehow floating somewhere in the blue. 
I do remember how we were in "panic mode" during these days about packing, getting papers ready and all that. But we get to bring home the cake, so we ate it and gave some to our friends!

At the end of the day, we went to our dean to say goodbye. all our stress just evaporated out of our body, and we just cried because our dean was so happy about us being the 1st batch to leave for the United Stated to have our on-the-job training. 

This is one of THE most unforgettable days of my 2012.


Whoever's cake is this. :)) 

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