Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Walking on 5 meter thick snow

March 2012

Have you ever tried walking on top of snow thats 5 meters thick? hell yeah I did! Its torture, yet one of my best experiences ever. So, our day off, we decided to try another adventure in our very own Snow Mountain Ranch, the Snow Shoeing experience. So, we rented snow shoes and started to hike on top of these freezing stuff. Apparently, while walking, were wondering why do we sink into these snow? I remember I took a step then BOOM, all of the sudden half of my body was buried. we all sank in snow and literally almost died because we all got stuck, but managed to get back. When we got back to where we rented the snow shoes, the man incharge said that the shoes they gave us weren't fit for stepping on thick snow rather for walking on trails only haha . But still, it was an awesome experience, I would kill to do it again! :)) 

I wrote this on the snow when I felt hopeless. :))

I just <3 and miss these people :(

EVAN SAWYERS. The mastermind of this expedition HAHA!

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