Monday, 16 July 2012

First day in the USA!

March 5, 2012-Granby, Colorado, USA

So, today's our first day of work, today, we woke up at 7am to attend our "new Staff's" orientation, the weather is 0 degrees Fahrenheit, freezing! We got our staff ID and our Staff shirts from the Human Resources. after our 8 hour long orientation, we went out to play in the snow! oh we are loving Colorado baby! :) 

MY ID. :)

My Blue staff shirt, also comes in purple, green, yellow and red. :) 

With Plexy ,Earvin, and Sherly before leaving our rooms to go to the orientation :) still THIN and FRESH. haha!

When we got out of our dorm, we found these two awesome snowman :))  cute isn' it?

USA experience is not an experience without you laying down and playing in the snow! haha

Thats where we live, Blueridge lodge :)

Our first dinner, bbq ribs, pasta and roasted chicken, just so you all know, we get 3 meals a day, BUFFET, yes you heard it right, BUFFET :)) 

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