Saturday, 4 August 2012

Visiting Thailand!

Nope this Aint Thailand, Its Denver Thai temple!

Our Thai friends Guy, Piaw, Palm (not their real names ok?) are celebrating their new year and they were on the search for their Thai temple ever since they got to the USA. Luckily, they found one which was 2 1/2 hours away from Granby, the place we work. Since all of us, Me, Sherly, Jane and the Thais need to get our Social Security card already, our Resident Assistant Courtney (Gisele) took us to our social security and since we have about 4 hours free time after getting the SSC, we took the chance to find the Thai temple with the help of my epic GPS, good thing it worked though. haha! Anyway We found the temple and the Thais were happy, it was just simply amazing, the giant Buddha statues and all those Golden things. We also did try our fortune from "Buddha" apparently my fortune isn't that good, so I flushed it down our toilet, haha! After the prayer at the Temple, our Thai journey should never end there, we went out to find a Thai restaurant and so we did, we ate at the Thai house just nearby, the food was great and spicy! :)) after that we went to the mall and shopped :) THIS SURE IS ONE DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET. :)

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