Saturday, 22 September 2012

day one- Washington DC, USA

My First day As A TRAVELER.

June 14 was my last day of work at Snow Mountain Ranch- YMCA of the Rockies, Colorado and after our contract, we are given a month free to travel, so I took the chance to visit my mom who is currently residing at Maryland, USA beside Washington DC. So, June 15 2012, I along with my two best friends, Plexy Earvin boarded Flight 720 to Washington DC we waited for about 3 hours to board then total air travel was 4 hours, DEYM. haha! When we got there, My mom picked us up and brought us home around 12 midnight already. As a "welcome to the Real AMERICA" present, she cooked our famous Filipino dish, SINIGANG!! the next morning, she brought us to what me and my mom call "paradise" the Factory Outlets, where all the super sale branded stuff are. We went shopping yea. a LOT of SHOPPING. and whats for dinner? LOBSTER! She took us to the famous Lobster restaurant in Maryland.
Oh deym memories. How I wish I can time travel and do this all over again :( 

Waiting to board the plane to Washington DC

In our apartment door, feelin' it

My Aweeesome motherrr

With Plexy and Earvin and my mommma

Bought this awesome Oakley Holbrook

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